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  • How Wu Long Tea Defends Against Aging

    As we age, the effect of free radicals take its toll on the body mainly in the form of aging.

    Actually in the past 50 years, research has strongly concluded that a major cause of aging can be attributed to free radicals in the body as well as the root cause of the visible signs that go along with it.

    Other diseases related to aging and caused in whole or part by free radical damage are cancer, Alzheimer's dementia, arthritis and inflammatory disease and heart/artery disease.

    What Causes Free Radicals?

    These free radicals are produced by: stress, pollution, eating processed foods, chemical additives in many of the foods we eat etc..

    Many of the visible signs of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkling of the skin, are highly related toincreased levels of free radicals invading our body... day in - day out. The damaging process is certainly a gradual one.

    There is a simple way to eliminate these nasty, damaging substances in your body by increasing the antioxidant level in your body without man made drugs. Antioxidants are the best defense against free radicals.

    Wu long Tea Solution

    Why not try drinking 3-4 cups of ancient chinese wu long tea? It can supply you with all the antioxidant your body needs.

    Exactly what ingredients in wu long tea are responsible for these amazing health benefits? Specifically these 3: catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins. These substances act as antioxidants, which destroy free radicals and are completely natural.

    Loose Leaf Or Grocery Store Tea?

    It is also a fact that grocery store versions of Wulong or any teas have much lower levels of these antioxidants because the leaves have been extremely processed. The oxidation process reduces the catachin level.

    I urge you to only buy loose leaf wu long tea because of the taste, quality and health benefits, I suggest you find a good online tea outlet and not waste your money on pre-packaged name brand, grocery store type wu-long tea.

    Is Wu Long Tea Safe?

    If you are concerned about your safety regarding ingesting supplements you can relax - there are no side effects to drinking Wu-long tea; it tastes great and is good for your soul! Slowly but surely with each cup of wu long tea you are destroying harmful free radicals...slowly undoing the effects of aging.