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  • How To Reverse Plaque Build up In The Arteries

    Is plaque buildup in the arteries reversible? Yes. However if you're looking for a quick solution like magic formula... combination of foods drinks or supplements to melt plaque away you may be slightly disappointed.

    Just listing a few heart healthy foods barely scratches the surface... you need to get to the root of what's causing all this plaque to effectively STOP the process.

    Realize, developing clogged arteries and arterial plaque build up is long process, and to get rid of it takes time to "undo" the damage. Modern medicine has completely mis diagnosed the heart disease epidemic by overly prescribing dangerous cholesterol drugs to the masses... which "begs" the question "Are statins really necessary?", when so much can be done to unclog arteries with SMART eating

    PROBLEM: Chronic Inflammation in the body is the PRIMARY cause of arterial plaque buildup, NOT consuming cholesterol and animal fats.

    GOAL: To Reverse Plaque Build up In The arteries you need to decrease inflammation in the body.

    WHAT DO WE DO TO LOWER INFLAMMATION AND UNCLOG ARTERIES? Eliminate or greatly reduce anything that causes blood sugAr spikes hence lowering inflammation. This means no SUGAR, hidden sugar, and simple carbs. Start eating omega 3 oils daily ( oily fish, walnuts, avocado…). Also you need eat carbohydrates...only the right kind of carbs, which are foods that promote weight loss, as well as decrease inflammation.Low glyemic carbs are carbs that digest slower and release glucose into the blood stream much sloooooower than simple carbs.

    WHY ELIMINATE THESE FOODS? Spiking blood sugar substantially increases chronic INFLAMMATION in the body. Chronic inflammation is bad. Acute inflammation is good, because it serves a purpose. When there are germs or bacteria present in your system the inflammation process alleviates these foreign invaders.

    However, when you eat high sugar or simple carbs you create or produce chronic inflammation; your body releases insulin which causes a release of a pro inflammatory agent - C-reactive protein - which looks for foreign invaders like germs and bacteria...if there are none present this compound actually starts tearing and gouging into healthy smooth arterial tissue.

    WHAT CAUSES THE PLAQUE BUILD UP? In a chronic a pro-inflammatory state healthy arterial tissue is basically under attack. You see… sticky plaque is highly unlikely to stick to smooth arterial tissue. However, arterial walls that have had years and years of of exposure to chronic inflammation via radical blood sugar spikes due to eating sugar and simple carbs are no longer SMOOTH. They resemble more of a velcroish, roughed up surface. This rough texture is PERFECT for any cholesterol floating by to lodge into and boy does it.

    That explains why even if you have low to normal cholesterol levels you still can be at high risk for arterial disease, cholesterol level doesn't matter. The more inflammation you have the more damamged your arteries become...therefore the higher your risk for arterial disease, plaque build up and stroke.

    HOW DO YOU FIND OUT YOUR RISK FOR HEART DISEASE? A choleseterol test won't give you a definitive indication of the liklihood of you having a heart attack. You need to test your level of C-Reactive protein or CRP is a FAR more reliable predictor for heart disease. A CRP test measures your bodies level of inflammation which is a better overall predictor for arterial disease.

    Here is the link to an excellent comprehensive heart health ebook : "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease – Without Drugs or Surgery"

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