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  • Where to Buy Wu Long Tea

    We are constantly asked "Where do I Buy Wu Long Tea ?"

    Look no further!

    Both the Generation Tea and Adagio websites have excellent descriptions of the many varieties of Wu-long (oolong) teas as well a Green tea, Rooibos (super antioxidant herbal drink), Black tea and White teas. I'm sure you'll be able to find the tea that suits your taste easily at either website.

    Both offer purchases of small 2 oz.packages so it's inexpensive to try out different varieties. We consider these the best online tea stores, you will too!

    Generation Tea allows small purchases of most of it's teas - starting at 2oz.   Wulong tea which yeilds 28 antioxidant filled - calorie burning servings. This is a smart and inexpenive way to try out some really "unique" teas. The active ingredients in all wu long teas are pretty consistent - so you'll get the same antioxidant - calorie burning benefits - no matter which ones you try.  Remember teas claiming to be "wu-long" at the grocery stores have much of the potency oxidized out ( fresh leaf tea is about 35% stronger in antioxidants than grocery variety). Experimenting with the many wu long varieties is one of the joys of the tea drinking experience! Fresh delivered is BEST!

    Generation Tea

    Generation Tea - This fine online tea store specializes in premium Chinese teas such as White, Green, Pu-erh, Oolong, Black and Herbal. White tea is a hot item now and many tea lovers are begining to enjoy its unique taste and aroma. Pu-erh and Oolong teas are known in China for their weight loss benefits. Tea can be incorporated into anyone’s diet for increased antioxidants, metabolic stimulation, weight loss and mental alertness. Tea is a natural beverage with many nutrients and their teas really taste great.
    Visit their website:Generation Tea

    Adagio Teas

    Adagio Teas has one of the best websites I've seen online regarding ease of use and overall knowledge about teas.

    They offer teas in sample sizes (about 2oz.) / 4 oz. / 8 oz. or 16 oz. sizes so if your curious about trying many varieties of teas, buying small quantities is perfect!

    Their website also has excellent reviews of each tea sold as well as other tea lovers recommendations and comments regarding each tea.

    A very thorough website with easy to use online store.

    Adagio Teas also sells many other items other than just "tea". They have a fine selection of ready to go gift sets that tea lovers should find delightful.
    Visit their website: