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  • Chinese Diet Tea

    Chinese Diet Tea - There seems to be lots of misconception regarding this so called "amazing tea" as to how it actually aids in weight loss.

    It would seem a great option for you to simply drink a few cups of this chinese tea daily and have the fat magically burn off. Well...let's look at what's really happening with these slimming teas that are marketed so convincingly...

    Pure tea is made up emtirely 100% of a single compound - "Tea", and that's it.

    Chinese diet tea, or slimming tea on the other hand has many other "additives or ingredients".

    Chinese Diet Tea - Laxative in Disguise

    These ingredients are actually powerfull laxatives which give the users the illusion they are losing weight. The laxative effect simply clears the bowels, and gets rid of water weight. One premise for the added ingredients such as aloe, senna, rhubarb root, buckthorn, castor oil, and cascara, is that food absorbtion is somehow slowed, however this is a fallacy as the laxative effect takes place in the colon, not the small intestine where nutrient absorption takes place.

    Severe Side Effects From Chinese Diet Tea

    It is reported that the side effects of misuse of this product can cause severe conditions in the body. These incluse severe diarreha, nausea, stomach cramps and beware..

    Using these diet teas is really not an effective weight loss plan simply because they have little to do with burning fat or controlling appetite, and there are other much more effective ways to accomplish this. So be careful to think twice before commiting to this "laxative in disguise" as your sole "weight loss plan".

    Lose Weight - Wu long Tea Plus Fat Burn Diet

    Combine Wu long Tea and Fat Burn Diet Plan - A much better alternative is to drink straight wu long tea in combination with a fat burn diet . The fat burning diet focuses on keeping your appetite under control by keeping your blood sugar stabalized, naturally.

    This diet is no fad, actually it is an eating plan for life, and it really works, reports of losing 7 pounds in one week are not uncommon. The awesome part of this diet solution program is you can eat hearty foods from all three food groups ie.. lean protiens, complex carbs, and good fats. This is a much safer and effective alternative for fast weight loss.

    Read more information about the fat burn Diet