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  • Why you should consider "Custom Made Supplements"

    You may be confused about taking vitamins and supplements, which is not surprising these days. We are simply over exposed to faddish type nutritional marketing hype day in day out.

    The truth is you can get all the supplements, vitamins and minerals your body needs solely from a sensible balanced diet. If you have the time to plan well balanced meals and enjoy the preparation of creating interesting and tasty nutritional dishes everyday there is no need to take any kind of supplement at all!

    The problem however is so common and predictable; most people don't have or don't make the time to plan well balanced meals to get the correct nutrition. So what do we do? We compromise and stuff our faces with greasy fast food because it's quick. Even your typical chain restaurant type fare is laden with excess carbs, trans fats and sodium.

    The result is you gain weight while probably increasing your cholesterol and blood pressure in the process. Ask yourself the next time you leave one of these "fast food or franchise type fun restaurants" how good do I feel? Could be better. They're not cheap either if you eat out a lot.

    Back to supplements. If you follow this routine above, taking supplements is a good option because you definitely are not getting the nutrition your body needs. Typical signs of this "void in nutrition" are feeling run down and tired early in the afternoon, hungry after you have eaten or slightly depressed. There is no reason to not feel great and taking the correct supplements for your personal dietary needs should be a priority.

    "... Remember, having the right diet and getting enough exercise will not only improve your health- IT WILL IMPROVE YOU LIFE."

    Lifestyle, age, weight, daily diet, health issues and more influence the level of nutrition and supplements you need throughout life. Just as we know that the nutritional needs of a young woman differ from those of a more mature woman. For example, a smoker may be deficient in certain vitamins, such as folate and vitamin C, as smoking can raise your risk of a deficiency. If you have a health condition such as hyperthyroidism, which can drain the body of vitamin C and lead to a deficiency, your supplementary needs will be certainly different than others. Are you a vegetarian? You may be lacking in B12. B12 deficiency may be linked to an increased risk in heart disease.

    Here is a fantastic free survey that can recommend the precise mix of supplements based on your personal profile.

    It will consider your age, weight, sex, exercise level and other factors to create a specific balance of supplement customized for you. The survey will produce a "Health Alert Score" which is calculated using nine categories of support.

    It will then recommend a custom package of supplements just for you. I thought the cost was quite reasonable. compared to generic type drug store multi-supplements which were overpriced and contained ingredients that may not be right for ME.

    I have repeatedly purchased my custom mix which is really different compared to anything I may have bought at the drugstore.

    The results for me were truly tailored to my needs… extra calcium, zinc plus saw palmetto to decrease the risk of prostate problems. For guys around 50 this is something to consider!