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  • Diet Solution Program - a Thorough Review

    Diet Solution Program

    By:Alyssa Collins RN | Posted on 7-10-10

    I picked up the DSP - Diet Solution Program and went through the program and lost about 7 pounds in the first week. It did work great for me. I want to share some information about the program so you can make an informed decision to purchase the program or not.

    Who is Diet Solution Program for?

    The Diet solution program is for you if you want to lose weight by burning fat (not just lose weight, yes there is a difference).

    This is a great program fit for you if:

    Principals of the Diet Solution Program

    The Diet Solution Program shifts the focus and "helps you overcome the real reason you gain weight and accumulate fat.”

    The DSP focuses on controlling INSULIN rather than counting calories. When you understand this you’ll find you can burn incredible amounts of fat by just choosing the right foods and eliminating the wrong foods.

    Focusing on INSULIN is pure genius once you see how insulin, blood sugar, appetite control, fat accumulation and fat burning are ALL connected …but no one really explained it to you. And that’s why most diets fail.

    It’s simple…

    Control insulin > control blood sugar > control appetite = burn fat.

    Most diets hint at this but in order to stick with an eating plan that has you burning massive amounts of fat, controlling blood sugar RULES, and the DSP has this concept nailed.

    You'll quickly see that The DSP elevates your awareness to exactly why you gain weight. You'll quickly see how obsolete restricted, low carb, no-carb, low-fat, cookie and supplement laden diets are.

    Typical Results

    Everyone will get different results but you can expect a 3 – 10 pound weight loss (pure belly fat) in week 1. After that you will get consistent weight loss results by simply following the program

    The DSP on - Blood Sugar

    The Diet Solution Program views controlling blood sugar as the holy grail of fat loss. It's the key to burning fat “round the clock”; you will learn how to feed your body the "exact foods" to keep your body right in the "fat burn zone" without feeling hungry.

    Here's how it works…

    Keeping your blood sugar between 80 and 100 is optimal for fat burning. You won’t be hungry or crave anything and you'll be burning fat cells for energy while in your optimal blood sugar range range.

    For example…

    Eating sugar, and simple carbs like white bread, chips candy etc… will send your blood sugar way past 100.

    Your body senses this surplus of blood sugar and produces INSULIN.

    Insulin brings your blood sugar way down BUT at the same time causes your body to STORE fat cells.

    Exactly what you DON'T want when trying to burn fat.

    Like going one step forward and 2 steps back…

    The Diet Solution Program will determine your metabolic type and then implement an eating plan that fits your metabolic profile to help you easily keep your system in the optimal blood sugar range, so you'll be burning fat literally "around the clock".

    Determining your metabolic type is one of the critical features of the program because you need to make the plan fit your metabolism to burn maximum amounts of fat.

    I was amazed at how easy it was to convert my eating to keep my blood sugar down. I was actually eating more calories but losing weight.

    The DSP on Carbs

    I was eating more calories but losing weight because I eliminated all the bad carbs from my diet.

    Bad carbs like : White bread, white pasta, rolls, cookies, cake, pastry, high fructose corn syrup, table sugar are to be avoided.

    In the DSP .pdf download you get a thorough list of bad carbs that spike blood sugar levels so you MUST avoid these or the plan simply won’t work.

    There is also a surprisingly thorough list of carb substitutes that I've never been aware of that taste really great. I didn’t miss eating bread one bit after I tried some of the substitutes

    The DSP on Fats

    The Diet Solution Program teaches us we need fat to burn fat. It just must be the right kind of fat. The low fat diet mentality doesn’t work.

    Eat good fats and your body will burn fat; feed it the wrong fats and it will store fat.

    The DSP on Processed foods

    I learned a lot here. Did you know adding artificial sweeteners to food and drinks can actually make you store fat?

    That’s because our liver will be so busy filtering out these artificial chemicals that it won’t have tome to do what it’s supposed to do – which is breakdown fats and flush them out of the system.

    So you’ll find cutting out any processed foods will speed up the fat burning process.

    The DSP on Calories

    You will probably be taking in more calories than you expected but you will still be losing fat. That’s because this program has you eating foods that require considerably more calorie burning to process and breakdown.

    Not counting calories is one huge benefit with this eating plan. You can eat until you’re full and don’t have to worry about going over a pre-determined caloric guideline.

    What you should expect from “The Diet Solution Program”

    Expect a well thought out diet roadmap that will enable you to burn fat starting the first day.

    The program tells you exactly how much, when, and which foods you should be eating in order to burn maximum fat from day “1”. You can easily lose 7 pounds in one week.

    If your looking for a diet that is not really a diet but a lifestyle change and are willing to commit to changing some bad eating habits then this is fat loss method is highly recommended.

    You should expect to cut out a lot of junk foods… mainly sugar and carbs. Is it hard to do? Not really, I did not miss any of these junk foods after a few days because my blood sugar stabilized which really does have an effect on food cravings.

    Amazingly you will be looking forward to eating one-ingredient non processed food, rather than sugar and carbs. Things like steak, avocado, vegetables with butter etc...

    Does the Diet Solution Program Work?

    Personally it worked for me, I lost about 15 pounds in 3 weeks. If your really overweight this program can work wonders since the normal diet side effects never appear, cravings, fatigue etc…

    Outside feedback has been positive as well. Most report that the product lives up to its promises, if you follow the design.

    Most report that the typical diet side effects like hunger, cravings and fatigue are completely non existant making it a pleasurable motivating experience losing fat. I would definitely recommend the Diet Solution Program.

    Also…the program has a complete money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.

    Step By Step to Lose 7 pounds in One Week

    Here is a free Diet Solution Program video that simplifies everything for you.

    Evaluate this program if you have tried and given up on other popular diets like Atkins, Zone or Cookie diets. It's refreshingly simple the way the diet is laid out and is based on body science and your metabolic profile.

    This program has helped over 25,000 people melt away pounds using only real diet pills or expensive supplements. No starving, fatigue or calorie counting. This program teaches you how to NATURALLY control your appetite for good.

    Diet Solution Program

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