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    A "Green Tea Diet" is basically incorporating up to 10 cups of green tea daily in order to fully realize the amazing benefits of this delicious drink. Actually some researchers say 2-3 cups are fine but taking the average of 4-5 cups a day should get uou on the right path to feeling better, naturally!

    Those who just can't get used to the taste of green tea or simply don't want to drink that much can always take the green tea extract which provides all the benefits of the drink just in a pill form.
    Learn more about: green tea extract

    The great thing about incorporating green tea into your diet is its can take it with you anywhere and drink it just about any time.

    It's also great to know that you are really doing your body a favor by drinking green tea; that you are putting somthing into your body that is healthy and tastes great. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from drinking tea: