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    Basically, there are only two ways to lose weight: you must either reduce the amount of energy (i.e. food) consumed, or increase your body's energy expenditure. For the latter, most people think only in terms of exercise, but there are other ways of increasing your body's metabolic rate. One of these is by drinking green tea.

    Several research studies published in reputable journals, such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (December, 1999 and January, 2005), have demonstrated that green tea consumption can give significant increases in both energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

    In the 1999 study, ten healthy young men on a typical Western diet were given dietary supplements over a six week period. The supplements consisted of green tea extract plus caffeine, caffeine only, and a placebo. During this time their total energy expenditure and fat metabolism were monitored. The caffeine was included because natural green tea contains caffeine, and it had been suggested that it may have been the caffeine that was responsible for the reported weight loss benefits of green tea.

    The results showed that green tea plus caffeine was the only supplement to have any beneficial effect, producing significant increases in both measured indices. This not only verified the capacity of green tea to reduce weight, but it ruled out caffeine content as the effective ingredient.

    In addition, none of the research subjects reported any side effects. This contrasts with many existing prescription drugs used for obesity, which can cause adverse symptoms due to their stimulant nature.

    Another research study, done on mice over a four month period, found that green tea was able to produce a significant suppression of food intake, body weight gain and fat tissue accumulation. Levels of triglycerides and cholesterol were decreased as well.

    So, whether man or a mouse, if you want to lose weight, pour yourself a cup of green tea today.

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