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  • Pu tee

    Pu tee? Sounds odd but it's actually just short for pu erh tea.

    Pu erh tea is an amazingly complex, rich tea that is typically green or brown in color. Pu erh teas are known for their healing properties,can be 50 tears old and are considered one of the healthiest substances you can put in your body! Read more about pu erh tea benefits

    Click here if you want to browse PU ERH TEA

    A little background on this tea…

    It is primarily grown in Yunnan , a province in Southwest China in a town called Pu'er.

    Pu tee comes in 3 varieties:

    Green Pu Erh

    puteeThe first variety is Green Pu Erh - this is the raw uncooked pu erh. As soon as the tea is picked it is briefly heated to prevent any natural fermenting process.

    This is what keeps it an "unfermented tea" otherwise it would progress into a black or brown "oolong tea".

    Aged Raw Pu erh

    puteeThe second variety is Aged raw Pu erh - This process involves no cooking or firing to the leaves but light steaming and then the leaves are compressed into cakes or bricks of different sizes and shapes.

    These cakes will be stored for decades… time stimulates the microbial process and actually ferments the tea. This fermenting process alters the chemical composition, flavor and aroma of the tea increasing the value of the tea, some bricks costing well over $1000.

    "Aged" pu erh is said to have the most powerful healing abilities ss it is the richest in microbial content; studies have also shown this type of pu erh has the power to inhibit fat absorbtion into the system.

    Black Pu erh

    puteeThe third variety of Pu tee is Black Pu erh - This is ripened and fermented tea but not by natural process. This process is similar to composting as the tea is batched in heaps which stimulates the microbial process of fermentation much more than aged pu erh.

    Black fermented Pu erh does not have the sophistication or complex character of aged pu erh, however is still known for its healing properties and anti-oxidant content and is much more affordable than aged pu erh.

    Taste of Pu Tee

    If you are familiar with wu long or oolong tea, pu erh can taste quite similar, the browner darker varieties having a rich mellow complex taste that is never bitter. The unique fermenting process ce=reates a truly unique experience.

    Beware! pu erh is an aquired taste as each sample is not a carbon copy of wht came before; some have even said it has a muddy taste..earthy??


    I personally think it's one of the smoothest tasting teas you will ever experience.

    Many drink Pu tee after a heavy meal as it aids in digestion.

    Remember, there are many varieties of pu tee and prices vary based on how old the leaves are and how complex the taste aroma is similar to fine wines.

    If you are wondering about this tea you need to give it a try, there are many affordable varieties that will introduce you into the world of Pu tee, without breaking your wallet. From there you can decide if you want to experiment further.

    Selected Pu Tee Specials

    Here are some pu tee's that you may be interested in trying...

    18 Organic Pu-erh Tea bags - $5

    puteePu-erh tea bags offer the ease of a tea bag with the great benifits of Organic Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh is well known to help increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. It is one of the new found old wonders of the tea world. buy 18 Organic Pu-erh Tea bags

    2002 Tuocha - under $30

    puteeThe 'bird's nest' is unique and eye catching, as well as being a very high grade of tea. Compressed teas get better over time so it is a great gift for you or a friend. It is easy to drink lots of Pu-erh when it tastes so smooth. buy 2002 Tuocha Pu erh

    2004 Awazon Black Pu-erh - under $60

    puteeThis cake is quite solid and a little goes a long way. This cake will make about 85 servings, and each set of leaves will infuse well for 4-6 steeps. It also had the inner paper to identify its production. buy 2004 Awazon Black Pu-erh

    1997 Zun Cha Brick - under $120

    puteeThe taste is smooth and silky with a nice subtle sweetness that is released over the course of 5 or six brews. The leaf size is large and though fermentation some whole leaves are intact buy 1997 Zun Cha Brick