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  • Tea Is Linked to Heart Health

    There is strong evidence to show that tea drinking, on a regular basis, can greatly reduce the risk of heart problems with those that have existing cardiovascular problems.

    Notable studies include Dr. Kenneth J Mukamal, MD, MPH at the Beth Deaconess MedicalCenter, who strongly claims the compounds in 'tea' greatly lower the risk of a second heart attack.

    The evidence is pretty strong: In tracking 100 patients over 4 years that had suffered a heart attack, the group that reported being "heavy tea drinkers" had a 44% better survival rate (not dying from a second heart attack) than the non-tea drinkers, while the "moderate" tea drinkers had a 28% better chance of surviving. The heart health benefits of tea drinking are very clear..

    The key factor in these results?

    Antioxidants in the form of Flavonoids, which are rich in teas, especially green and Oolongs ( Wu long and Wu Yi).

    Reduce LDL with Tea

    The evidence in multiple studies indicates that these flavanoids prevent the "LDL" or 'BAD' cholesterol from oxidizing and clogging the arteries, those that drink 3-5 cups daily ( heavy tea drinkers) over a long period of time get the most benefit.

    Drinking Tea vs Eating Your Vegetables

    One cup of Wu Long tea has about 10-40 mg of polyphenol about the same as eating one cup of broccoli or spinach. In the studies conducted heavy tea drinkers were consumng at least 3-5 cups of green, wu yi, or Black tea, ( all good quality LOOSE LEAF teas have about the same amount of flavanoids - this does not include grocery store bag tea). How much should you drink? If you want the antioxidant effect at least 3 cups daily are reported to provide good heart health.

    This may be refreshing news for many! Why? because preventing heart attacks and maintaining healthy cardiac function after a heart attack may be acheived Naturally by simply drinking tea...

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