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    Types of Wu-Long Tea

    Other Types of Wu-Long Tea

    The difference in the price between wu long tea varieties has to do with the complexity of taste resulting from the varying degrees of fermentation or the "firing process" - much like the aging and fermentation of fine wines.

    Each particular batch of wu long tea will be graded on taste, color of the leafs, fragrance, and color of the liquid... all playing a combined role in determining uniqueness and price. Some can be very expensive. However, you needn't spend a fortune to enjoy really good wu long tea, many good varieties are priced around 10.00 per 2oz. (yields about 28-30 servings).

    Just as you can find a half-way decent merlot for $12.00 a bottle, wu long tea can be purchased just as well. We include links to some very good online tea stores, which is the way to buy wu long tea (avoid the grocerey store!).

    Taiwaneese Oolong

    Taiwan is known for producing some of the most flavorful and flowery wu-long teas. The high altitude and ocean air combine to create optimal growing conditions for oolong teas.

    1990 Aged Alishan Oolong

    1990 Aged Alishan OolongFor those that want the best and the oldest, this roasted oolong is classic. It can be steeped up to 10 times and still delivers flavor. This tea presents a full sweet taste and a lingering tingly aftertaste. The dark black leaves give off an intoxicating aroma. Circa 1990 tea. Remarks: "Recommended - a bit pricy but worth it if you are an experienced wu-long tea drinker you'll savor the complexities in flavor."
    Visit: 1990 Aged Alishan Oolong

    Alishan Spring High Mountain

    Alishan Spring High Mountain This amazing an coveted Formosa tea is totally hand done and consists of the best full, ripe and tender leaves. It has the subtle sweetness and creamy aftertaste that is so desired by oolong fans. Spring 2006. 2006 Alishan Spring High Mountain
    Visit:  2006 Alishan Spring High Mountain

    Lishan High Mountain Spring Oolong

    Lishan High Mountain Spring OolongA real sweet and creamy taste that the best Taiwan oolongs have. This tea can be steeped a few times and the leaves and buds are really something to look at when wet. A smooth in the throat feeling emerges when the light green tea is enjoyed.
    Visit:  2006 Lishan High Mountain Spring Oolong

    Spring Buds Green Jade Oolong

    Spring Buds Green Jade Oolong This spring crop is greener and less oxidized than the Winter crop of this Four Season oolong. It has a really spicy and sweet taste and will be a great morning tea. Small leaves tightly rolled deep green color are this tea's distinguishing traits. Remarks:"If you are looking for a spicy fresh tasting Formosa tea, I recommend this one - great hot or iced. Usually about $12.00 2oz. "

    Visit: 2006 Spring Buds Green Jade Oolong Pesticide free

    2006 Winter Buds Green Jade Oolong

    2006 Winter Buds Green Jade OolongThe cooler weather yields a sweet and balanced brew that leaves its lasting, lightly roasted taste. CCOA certified organic.

    Visit: 2006 Winter Buds Green Jade Oolong Pesticide Free

    Flowery Golden Buds Oolong

    Flowery Golden Buds OolongTaiwan is known for producing some of the most flavorful and flowery wu-long teas. The high altitude and ocean air combine to create optimal growing conditions for oolong teas.

    Visit: Flowery Golden Buds Oolong

    Formosa Golden Buds Oolong

    Formosa Golden Buds Oolong This favorite is the sister of the "Jade Green". The Golden Buds has a more full bodied oolong taste with a hint of spice.
    Visit: Formosa Golden Buds Oolong

    Formosa Green Jade Oolong

    Formosa Green Jade Oolong If you like a naturally smooth and sweet taste (along with a fresh aftertaste) consider this tea. This is a classic green oolong with mild oxidation and a lot of sweetness. A very good tea made from single leaves and tightly rolled. Typically inexpensive and a good value.
    Visit: Formosa Green Jade Oolong

    Golden Amber Oolong

    Golden Amber Oolong These leaves are fine and well processed to a perfect rich aroma. Not as flowery as the greener oolongs, this tea leaves a satisfying aftertaste.
    Visit: Golden Amber Oolong

    Oriental Beauty Oolong

    Oriental Beauty Oolong This is a unique wu long grown on Er Mei Mountain, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan at about 2500 feet. It is a special production tea which is quite limited. This white haired tea is 60% oxidized which delivers its honey like flavor. Queen Elizabeth II called this tea an ‘Oriental Beauty’ when she first tasted it.
    Visit: Oriental Beauty Oolong