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  • Wu Yi Tea - FAQ

    What is Wu Yi tea?

    Wu Yi tea is a semi-oxidized chinese tea, somewhere between the green and black tea families. Wu yi teas are processed or "fired" until the leafs reach anywhere from a light brown to a dark brown hue.

    What is the difference between Wu long, Wu Yi and Oolong Teas?

    There is actually no difference in these 3 teas. All 3 come from the 'Oolong family'. The wide range of taste, look, and aroma of any 'oolong' is based on how long the tea leafs are fired with slight variations based on'where' the tea leafs originated from.

    Wu long, Wu yi, and Oolong teas are identified mainly by their unique firing process that creates a tea 'darker than green tea' but 'lighter than black tea'.

    What are the benefits of Wu Yi Tea?

    Wu Yi ( any oolong for that matter) is rich in polyphenol 'antioxidant'. The Asian cultures benefit tremendously by routinely drinking 4-6 cups of oolong - Wu Yi tea daily.

    Consuming this much antoxidant "day in and day out" is reported to tremendously aid in destroying harmful free radicals within the body. Destoying free radicals in the body is proven to: decrease the chance of many forms of cancer to grow, slow the aging process as well reduce the visible signs of aging.

    How much antioxidant is in Wu Yi Tea?

    In one cup of Wu Yi there is about 10-40 mg of polyphenol. This is equal to about 1 serving of broccoli or spinach.

    How much weight can I lose by drinking Wu Yi?

    Drinking wu long tea does burn calories. Studies have proven that 3-4 cups daily can increase metabolism by at least 10%.

    Wu Yi also can actually burn fat - studies have proven that oolong teas trigger the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride. Dieters report a loss of 10-15 pounds over 6-12 months by drinking 3-4 cups of Wu Yi daily - no exercise involved.

    Wu Yi tea scam -are some Wu Yi Teas special?

    No, stay away from Wu Yi diet tea offers that claim "special formula", there are no secret ingredients in any oolong teas - all teas come from the same plant - Camellia Sinensis.

    Any Wu Yi tea offers that claim extraordinary weight loss is clearly a scam. Some of the Wu Yi offers we see are a joke! Melting away fat like a popsicle on a hot sidewalk...come on! Wu Yi is certainly a great natural long term supplement that should be included as part of your diet, the benefits are cumulative and wide ranging - not a quick fix or fad.

    Stay away from Wu Yi diet tea offers ( you've seen the ads...the woman or man pulling the gigantic oversized pants away from their waist - implying that a few cups of wu yi was all it took to lose 80 pounds!), the fact is, there should be NO difference in the composition of any Wu Yi tea. If the company make claims about special ingredients and - click away!

    Where can I buy Wu Yi Tea?

    Only buy from reputable online tea purveyors. There really is an art to choosing complex teas; timing is everything when it comes to flavor, potency, aroma and appearance. The best online purveyors travel overseas a few times a year to personally inspect "each flush".