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  • Wu Yi Tea

    wu-yi-tea WU YI tea is no different than wu long tea which is basically the same as oolong tea.

    It is known to have remarkable calorie burning and antioxidant properties as well as being a great and somewhat complex tasting tea.

    It has been reported that consistent consumption can trim of 10 - 15 pounds off your regular body weight, simply by drinking 3-4 cups a day. it seems clear that including Wu-Yi tea into a diet plan can only expedite your weight loss results.

    Any reputable online wu long tea dealer will have loose leaf Wu Yi tea available as well as oolong, and wu long tea. You can find and browse WU YI here: Wu Yi tea

    Wu Yi tea originates from a mountainous region in China, called the Wu Yi Mountains where this characteristically dark rich tea is grown.

    Wu yi teas tend to be fully browned and very robust - many serious tea drinkers compare it to coffee because of the rich earthy flavors and aroma.

    If you like strong coffee you'll probably really enjoy wu yi.

    Wu yi 's potential to be "coffee-like" really depends on how you brew it, lighter brews are available, you just need to read the taste description accompanied by each variety.

    Wu yi (as well as wu long tea) have been the subject of numerous clinical studies which overwhelmingly support the calorie burning and antioxidant properties of this remarkable tea . Please note, the many studies conducted on wu long tea apply to wu yi as well, as they are both the same chemical make up.

    Wu Yi - price can vary

    Specific types of wu yi tea can vary considerably in price. There are many! The chemical make up is basically the same among varieties but the complexity regarding taste will be different.

    The aroma, astringency, body, toastiness (not sure if this an actual word!), and fullness, to name a few all vary significantly between types of wu yi teas. Most good quality WU YI teas start around $12.00 usd for 2oz (about 28 cups).

    Like wines, the more complex the taste the higher the price (usually per oz in loose leaf tea).

    If you're interested in wu-yi teas try this link as a starting point: Wu Yi tea

    Wu Yi - What People Are Saying...

    This tea has some really nice tastes and the extra roasting is a bonus. Very reasonably priced also!"

    "Awesome oolong. I highly recommend this. Actually bought the tea after trying the OOlong sampler. "

    "This tea has wonderful flavor, hot or cold. My husband is a little wary of 'gourmet teas,' and won't try anything that doesn't taste like black tea, but he loves this tea--he drinks a cup or two every day. It has a rich flavor and nice aroma."

    "Just like the teapot at the local Chinese place, with more punch. Hands down the best oolong I've ever had. The smoky arona is heavenly! "

    "I could drink this all day long. Leaves you wanting more. Not as good at ti kuan yin though.

    "I love this tea. It has a great bold taste. You must get this tea if you like oolong. "

    I like this tea. Normally I only like light, 'greener' oolongs, yet Wuyi seems to be a blend of the smoky, charcoal-like tastes of a dark oolong, accompanied by the subtle sweetness of a lighter oolong. "

    "This was only the 2nd Oolong I've tried and I enjoyed highly enjoyed it. I will be ordering it again in the future. "

    "I'm not sure if I'd classify this tea as Oolong. It seems to brew and taste more like a black tea. Not bad though. "

    "Awesome oolong - very rich, slightly smokey. If you like rich teas, this is the oolong for you."

    "Once I got past the initial strong earthy flavors and lack of color, I focused on the flavor and found it quite good. I agree with other reviews that the second steeping is better / smoother. "

    "I'm still experimenting with this tea. I think I like it at a hotter temperature to drink, maybe I need to steep it for 4 minutes instead of 5. The second cup is as good as the first, a good oolong all in all."

    "A very nice, rich tasting Oolong, just as one would get in an oriental restaurant. This is my favorite drink with meals. "

    "A delicate yet full flavored tea that is perfect for breakfast or evening consumption. Flavor is rich and full-bodied for an oolong. Unique flavor and aroma, slightly astringent. Love the huge leaves! Excellent. "

    "This is one of the best teas that Generation Tea has to offer. It is smooth, fragrant, and has a nice floral aftertaste. Delicious!"

    "The coffee of high quality oolongs. Even a hardcore coffee drinker would admit that this tea doesn't just taste like water. It has powerful, earthy body that is the perfect kick in the teeth when you wake up. Also, if you are looking for an oolong that tastes just like what you drink at your favorite budget Chinese restaurant, this Wuyi is almost spot-on."

    Wu yi tea