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    wu-yi-teaWuyi Tea Your're interested in trying Wuyi tea? That's a good thing as very few things are as good for you and pack as many health benefits in one cup, and is relatively inexpensive as well! Read on...

    Wuyi tea is really no different than oolong tea or wu long tea. The tea simply gets its name from the mountainous region in China 's Fujan province where it typically grows.

    These are rugged mountains with ideal conditions for cultivating tea plants as the rocky soil is reported to be essential to producing superior tea. Some say it’s the dramatic temperature changes from day to night that contribute to the superior growing conditions.

    The health benefits from wuyi tea are many, here are a few…

    wuyi tea - Fat burning

    Numerous studies have proven that wuyi tea boosts metabolism which results in calorie burning. Most notably, it was proven in a 2003 study published in the Journal of Medical investigation, entitled, "Oolong Tea Increases Energy Metabolism in Japanese Females", and states that wuyi tea burns twice as many calories as traditional green tea.


    The study was conducted on 120 Japanese women for 6 weeks. The findings revealed the wuyi drinker's energy expenditure was increased by 10% where as the green tea drinkers increased by only 4 %.

    wuyi tea - Carb blocking

    Wuyi also has the ability to block carbs that would be otherwise be converted into fat. Drinking a cup of tea 15 minutes prior to ingesting simple carbs like bread or pasta will reduce the effects of the insulin boost usually associated when those carbs are eaten.

    Simply put, your body will be converting far less carbs to fat while you're drinking wuyi tea.

    Reverse the signs of aging

    This is one of the biggest benefits from drinking wuyi tea, as the signs of aging are reduced when you drink the tea regularly.

    This is due to the high antioxidant content naturally occurring in this rich robust tea. Antioxidants are responsible for destroying harmful free radicals in the system. Most notable is clearer and less wrinkled skin.

    Strengthen the immune system

    Bolstering the immune system is also reported as a result of consistently ingesting wuyi tea. Recent studies support the claims that wuyi tea fights invading bacteria, viruses, and fungi, according to the "National Accadamy of Sciences".

    Molecular components of the tea were tested on a small number of people according to researcher Dr Jack Bukowski, and clear proof that the bodies defenses are clearly sharpened as a result of 4-5 cups of wu long daily

    Promotes healthy teeth

    Wuyi can prevent tooth decay as well, according to Dept of Dentistry at Japan 's, Osaka University .

    Wuyi online store

    The best selection of wuyi online can be found here: Wuti tea online

    More info on wuyi tea