Great teas UNDER $10.00

Hopefully, we can save you some time and direct you right to the source of some really great teas. The quality of these are excellent, sold in various packaging quantities.

If you’re on a budget these all are great tea choices with the same antioxidant and calorie burning properties of the more expensive teas.

“…Tastes are very subjective regarding wu-long teas. Descriptions such as “spicy”,”smoky”,”bakey”,”nutty” or “woody” are all rather subjective but will give you an idea of how different peoples pallets judge flavors. This is what makes Wu-long teas special!

The variations in taste and fragrance keep tea lovers interested – try some out in small quantities, that’s the economical way to do it. Soon you’ll stumble onto one that you really enjoy!”

Organic Tieguanyin – Generation Tea

This tea can compete with some of the best Taiwanese oolongs, but with a distinctly spicy mainland China bouquet. It can be infused 4-8 times.

2oz – $8.00, which yields about 30 cups – many more cups with multiple infusions (about $0.26 / cup)
– Kerry, webmaster

Organic Wuyi Shuixian – Generation Tea

A nice bargain wu-long tea! Best for about 2-3 infusions. This tea I noticed has a bolder taste ( still flavorful but do not overstep it may be bitter!) so it makes a great “wake up” coffee substitution. Try it!

2oz – $6.50, which yields about 30 cups – (about $0.21 / cup)
– Kerry, webmaster

Formosa Wu Long – Dragonwater Tea Company LLC

The firing and oxidization of this wu-long give it a ‘bakey’ taste with rich amber liquids.

1/4lb – $5.50, which yields about 50 plus cups. Can be infused several times. steep for approx 3 minutes. – (about $0.11 / cup)
limited availability…they can notify you when it becomes available
– Kerry, webmaster

Organic Wuyi Oolong Teabags

It’s difficult to capture the subtle taste of Wu-Long tea in a tea bag however after trying this tea I was impressed.

Flowery with a hint of cinnamon like aftertaste, it has an amazingly complex flavour for an inexpensive tea. If you want the convenience of making tea on the spot, try this! It is far superior to the grocery store tea bag “dust” found in commercial grade brands.
– Kerry, webmaster