How to buy Wu-Long tea

Buy Wu-Long Online

Why buy Wu Long tea online? When you buy Wu Long tea (or any tea) at the grocery store you are uh… well… getting the bottom of the barrel quality wise. It’s sort of like drinking instant coffee instead of fresh ground – real coffee drinkers know the difference.

GENERATION TEA allows small purchases of most of its teas – starting at 2oz. For about $8.00 you can purchase 2oz of this wu long tea – ORGANIC TIEGUANYIN  – which yields 28 antioxidant filled – calorie burning servings. This is a smart and inexpensive way to try out some really “unique” teas. The active ingredients in the many types Wu long teas are pretty consistent – so you’ll get the same antioxidant – calorie burning benefits – no matter which ones you try.  Remember teas claiming to be “wu-long” at the grocery stores have much of the potency oxidized out ( fresh leaf tea is about 35% stronger in antioxidants than grocery variety). Experimenting with the many Wu long varieties is one of the joys of the tea drinking experience! Fresh delivered is BEST!

The funny thing is most people never get a chance to really experience a full leaf gourmet tea so they never know what they are missing!

Believe me, there is a world of difference and once you try a great Wu Long or Green tea from a reputable dedicated online tea store, you’ll see what we mean. There is no comparing the taste, and intoxicating aroma of the finest Wu Long teas.

If you are new to Tea buying we suggest you stay away from the grocery store because the selection is usually very poor, the quality low and the price way too expensive to be considered a “value”.

For example, dry black tea at the grocery store has about 3%-10% catechins (antioxidant) whereas ‘full leaf teas’ usually bought online are much more robust containing 30%-42% catechins.

“Depending on how much tea you use per cup, you can expect a pound of dry tea leaves to yield 150 – 200 cups of tea, and two ounces to yield 20 – 28 cups.”

We have listed our favourite websites to browse for all types of teas, especially Wu-Long. These companies have been in business for a long time and have the best quality teas and service on the internet. It’s important to choose companies with the best reputations because there are more and more imitation type tea products available today in stores and online. We will review only what we feel are the best quality companies that offer truly unique teas.

Generation Tea – best buy online

Generation Tea – has some of the best selection of quality Wu-Long teas you will find online. prices range from 8.00 to 45.00 per 2-oz. pack. We were impressed with amazing selection and knowledge regarding the subtleties of each Wu-long tea.

The President – Michael Sanft – is a longtime practitioner of Taijiquan and Qigong, and student of herbology. They truly have a passion for the integration of tea as a means of healing the body naturally.

They typically package their teas in attractive, flexible 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. Take a look below…

1988 Aged Oolong

This classic rare tea is so smooth and leaves an amazing aftertaste. This is the sign of a superior tea. A great addition to your tea shelf. The leaves can be steeped four times with good flavour – a little pricey at $45.00 per 2oz.- definitely for special occasions!.

1999 Aged Oolong

This tea is similar in taste to a dark Formosa Tieguanyin with a deeper roast. This tea is quite smooth and full tasting with a mellow aftertaste. The leaves are dark coloured as is the resulting brew. Because the leaves are high grade, this tea can be steeped four or five times, each producing a signature cup. This is a must for the person looking for something a little different

Mitaoxiang Fenghuang Dancong (Dragon Phoenix)

Fenghuang Dancong – Grown in Guangdong province, this tea has a fine flowery taste that really lingers in the mouth. It almost tastes like plums…it is amazing. It is made up of very nice strips of the elongated leaves of this variety of oolong.

Organic Tieguanyin

This tea is a truly NOP certified Organic Tieguanyin. It is easy to get “intoxicated” from the sublime floral aromas. These teas can compete with some of the best Taiwanese oolongs, but with a distinctly spicy mainland China bouquet. They can be infused 4-8 times gongfu style. This is the best way to taste the subtle notes of this thick leaved oolong. Try one or all of them, you won’t be sorry. Grown in Zhejiang Province. – …A good inexpensive choice at $8.00 per 2oz.