Weight Loss with Wu Long Tea

Natural Calorie Burner

Are you looking for a natural, healthy drug-free way to slim down and lose weight? Adding Wu-Long Tea to your diet may help! Asians have been enjoying the health benefits for a long time, especially the slimming effect that drinking Wu-long tea seems to have with repeated regular consumption.

“When I hear somebody sigh that “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?'”
– Sydney Harris

A substance called “Polyphenol” in Wu-Long tea is known to effectively control obesity. Specifically speaking, it activates the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride. It has been confirmed that the continuous intake of oolong tea contributes to enhancing the function of fat metabolism and controlling obesity.

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So…does it really works? Here are some studies:

2003 Study – Journal of Medical Investigation

A study published in 2003 in the Journal of Medical Investigation by entitled “Oolong Tea Increases Energy Metabolism in Japanese Females” which studied the effects of Wu-Long tea drinking on women showed a high correlation of weight loss and wu-long tea consumption.

The actual study group was 120 Japanese women who drank wu-long tea for 6-weeks as opposed to traditional green tea, typically after a meal.

What the study found was that the women who consumed the wu-long tea directly after the meal increased energy expenditure by 10 %. The energy expenditure of women who consumed the traditional green tea was only 4% and those who drank water was 0.

2001 Study – The Journal of Nutrition

Here is some more evidence supporting the calorie burning effects of Wu-Long tea…

This is an excerpt from – The Journal of Nutrition, vol. 131, 2001…

“It is clear that consumption of oolong tea stimulates both energy expenditure [thereby burning calories] and fat oxidation [also helpful] in normal-weight men. This raises the possibility that tea consumption could have some beneficial effect on the individual’s ability to maintain a lower body fat content. However, any beneficial effect would only be realized if the effect was sustained on [substantial] consumption of tea and the individual did not compensate with greater food intake in response to tea consumption. Emphasis added.”

In: The Journal of Nutrition, vol. 131, 2001. [Note: In 2003 we reported on the effects of green tea on weight.] By:Tsui, Kasai, Kondo, et al., Div. of Health Care Science Res., Nisshin Oil Mills, Kanagawa 239-0832, Japan, Kagawa Nutrition U., Saitama 350-0288, & Inst. of Environmental Science for Human Life, Ochanomizu U., Tokyo 112-8610.

How Much Weight Can I Lose Drinking Wu-Long Tea?

It has been reported that consistent consumption can trim of 10 – 15 pounds off your regular body weight, simply by drinking 3-4 cups a day. How much weight you lose is dependent on many factors mainly your overall food intake, types of foods you eat, exercise, etc.. but it seems clear that including Wu-Long tea into a diet plan can only expedite your weight loss results. Some are claiming it a Miracle weight loss drink!.

This is anecdotal at best as there is no FDA approval for tea as a medically prescribed weight loss aid.

Nonetheless, studies have shown that there is a high correlation between wu-long tea consumption and increased metabolism and calorie burning. It has been part of the Chinese culture as a healing supplement for centuries, which is strong enough evidence supporting the use of Wu-Long Tea.